Speakers' Bureau

Bring the Milwaukee County Zoo to you!

Zoo Pride Membership

Zoo Pride, the volunteer auxiliary of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee, can provide a speaker and slide presentation for your next meeting or gathering. Volunteers visit civic and service organizations, community groups and senior living/health care centers. Because of the volume, we are unable to accommodate requests for school presentations.

There are eight slide programs from which to choose:

Conserving Endangered Species
Learn about the wildlife conservation programs in which the Zoological Society and the Zoo are involved at home and abroad.
Animals of the Day and Night
Spend time with fascinating mammals that are active at night and compare them to those that prefer the day.
Animals of the Land and Water
Take a close-up look at the fish found in Wisconsin, and in foreign lakes and rivers. Observe the unusual beauty of the reptiles from around the world.
A Day at the Zoo
This program takes you on a photo safari of the Milwaukee County Zoo.
The History of Zoos
Learn about the very first zoos, reminisce about Milwaukee's old Washington Park Zoo and see the construction of the "NEW" (present) Zoo.
Cats - the Ultimate Predator
Explore feline behavior and discover more about the big cats at the Zoo.
Spend some time learning about some of the most popular animals at the Zoo.
Birds of the Zoo
Enjoy the beauty of the tropics year-round on our special flight through the Zoo's bird building.

SlothEach program is 30-45 minutes in length but can be adjusted to fit your time requirements. Each slide presentation highlights many of the animals at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Volunteers travel within a 40-mile radius of the Milwaukee County Zoo. We provide all of our own equipment. However, it is very helpful if your group can provide a slide screen.

Please contact the Zoo Pride volunteer office, (414) 258-5667, or complete this form at least four weeks prior to your desired speaking engagement. We also can book a date for your program up to a year in advance. The Speakers' Bureau volunteer coordinator will contact you to finalize arrangements.

The fee for this program is voluntary. Donations are appreciated to assist the volunteers in maintaining the equipment, producing updated slides and creating new slide programs.

Call Zoo Pride today to bring the Zoo to you.