Virtual School Programs

Want to explore the Milwaukee County Zoo with us? Join one of your favorite Zoo teachers via Zoom for an exciting blend of interactive live experiences and high-quality videos about science, biology and conservation. We have different offerings to help fit the needs of your classroom.

Zoo Class Explore

Zoo Class Explore is a 30 to 40-minute* interactive blend of live experiences and high-quality videos about science, biology and conservation. It is a fun, standards-based class with a twist of entertainment that will allow learners to connect with classmates, teachers, scientists, actors and Milwaukee County Zoo staff.

*Zoo Class Explore is an interactive experience! The experience is maximized if learners at home or in the classroom have a camera and microphone available. We cannot guarantee class times if learners do not participate during class.

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Class Offerings

Supplement your curriculum with a Zoo Class Explore! We offer a unique per grade level. Options are available for grades K-8.


Single Zoo Class Explore

Class Offerings

Supplement your curriculum with either a Zoo Class Explore or a Zoo Class Live! We offer one unique topic for grades K-5 per month and one unique topic for grades 6-8 per semester.


Single Zoo Class Live Limited Availability!


Single Zoo Class Explore

Zoo Class Explore Topics

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Backpackin’ Around the Zoo
Grades K-2

Let’s take a hike around the zoo and use our observation skills as we meet some fascinating Zoo animals and learn their stories. Scientists and naturalists record their thoughts and sightings in notebooks, so don’t forget to pack your notebook and pencil as you join us for this journey.

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The Wild World of Adaptations
Grades 3-5

Animals in the wild survive by the bite of their teeth, the scratch of their claws, the swipe of their horns and so much more. Travel the world as we learn how animals use their adaptations to get the resources they need.

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Decoding Biodiversity: Saving Endangered Species
Grades 6-8

Learn about biodiversity and endangered species from conservation scientists and zookeepers. Discover how endangered species are classified and how you can help them from the comfort of your own home. Finally, meet an endangered animal from Wisconsin, Sheldon the ornate box turtle!

How to Register

ZooConnect programs are done for this school year. Check back in the fall to see if we will be offering virtual programs.

With the generous support of Kohl’s, schools in need of financial support can apply for Zoo Learning Experience funding.

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The Milwaukee County Zoo is currently booking onsite field trips. If you would like to bring your class to the Zoo click here.

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