Kids Conservation Club Workshop

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

OtterKids Conservation Club member event

The workshop is free to Kids Conservation Club members and one parent/guardian.

KCC members must pre-register with Becky Luft by email,, or call 414-258-2333, ext. 201.

Pre-register by Sept. 10. Not a club member? Join online or call 414-258-2333.

Kids can become a member of the Kids Conservation Club and participate in the next workshop, “Otterly Awesome!” Sliding down riverbanks, wrestling, swimming through streams – North American river otters really know how to play! Playing around is fun but it also comes with a purpose. Playtime for young otters helps them develop their hunting and other survival skills. During the workshop you will meet with a zookeeper who will talk about the North American river otter and provide fun facts about these playful creatures. Classroom time will include crafts such as making your own otter, activities and snacks. Workshop is free to members of the Kids Conservation Club.

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Kids Conservation Club