Kohl's Wild Theater

What is Kohl’s Wild Theater?

Kohl’s Wild Theater is made possible by a partnership among Kohl's Cares, the Milwaukee County Zoo, and the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. This program provides conservation-themed theater performances using drama, songs, and puppetry to children and their families both at the Milwaukee County Zoo and within our community.

From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, performances take place four times daily at the Kohl's Wild Theater stage. You also can enjoy the spontaneity of a shorter skit during the day as you walk through the Zoo.

Kohl’s Wild Theater also travels to schools, community events, and festivals, free of charge, within a one-hour radius of the Zoo. Learn more.

Check out our video to learn more about Kohl’s Wild Theater.

"The Time Traveler's Chicken"

Clucky the chicken, operated by James Carrington, talks to Dr. Thinker (Sherrick Robins) as a Tyrannosaurus rex (Libby Amato) creeps up behind them in the play “The Time Traveler’s Chicken.”

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