Hang Something Really Wild on Your Tree

We are happy to announce this year’s ornament features the rockhopper penguins. Rockhoppers are easy to spot with their unique tufts of yellow feathers by their very red eyes. Rockhoppers share a habitat with the gentoo penguins inside the Herb & Nada Mahler Family Aviary.

The 2022 ornament features an adult rockhopper with a chick. The handcrafted design showcases the unique feathers and short body. Each year, local artist Andy Schuman studies the features of the animal selected for that year’s ornament and sketches a design before carving it out of clay. The final product is then cast in pewter. You can order this year’s ornament or any of the previous 30. The cost of each ornament is $16, which includes postage, mailing materials and WI sales tax. Proceeds assist the Zoological Society in providing support to the Milwaukee County Zoo. This purchase is not tax-deductible.

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2022 Rockhopper Penguin Ornament

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