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Wild Things is our member newsletter published in January, May, July, September and November. It keeps our members informed on upcoming events, new animals at the Zoo, education programs, sponsorship opportunities and more. It also takes you behind the scenes with animal info and keeper profiles. It has been published since December 1995 by the Zoological Society’s communications team with the help of the Zoo’s and Society’s events teams, educators, zookeepers and other staff.

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May-June 2023 Issue Of Wild Things Newsletter

May-June 2023

In this issue, learn about the summer activities and events inside the Zoo including our members-only event and the special days for moms and dads. Find out what the big cats prefer for their enrichment items. Then, read about the caribou that mysteriously dropped his antlers nearly 10 months too early! Plus, learn how doing nothing in your yard can help the environment.

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Wild Things January-April 2023

January-April 2023

In this issue, meet one of the newest animals in the Small Mammals Building and its connection to an animal you probably see outside every day. Read about how Boy Scouts are building a better life for the animals and staff inside the Zoo. Then, find out why an insect hotel might be a perfect addition to your yard.

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Wild Things November-December 2022

November-December 2022

When you read through this issue, you’ll be introduced to the Zoo’s adorable trio of dwarf mongooses, learn which Zoo building the red ruffed lemurs were recently move to, hear what staff members from the Zoo and Society are thankful for this year, and more! This issue also features our Spring Zoo Class catalog.

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Wild Things September-October 2022

September-October 2022

Inside you’ll learn about a new species coming to the Zoo. The scimitar-horned oryx are elegant and large antelope but are sadly extinct in the wild. Learn where they will be staying and why they won’t be there long. Plus, read about how you can use your Zoo Pass to get discounts on upcoming events.

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Wild Things Newsletter Archive

Check out issues of Wild Things dating all the way back to 1995. You can reminisce about events of the past and previous generations of animals at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

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Wild Things Newsletter Archive