Zoological Society Policies

Learn more about the Zoological Society of Milwaukee’s governing policies including our:

Thank you for joining our Platypus Circle, an extraordinary group of individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations who are passionate about our mission and willing to give generously to protect and promote one of our community’s premier community resources and assets.

To ensure our mission remains the principal focus of Platypus Circle membership, please review the following Promotion & Communication Policy:

Promotion and communication for Corporate Platypus Circle benefits should only be promoted internally to your employees/staff as follows:

  • Internal emails
  • Intranet
  • Verbally at staff meetings and staff events

No outside/external promotion, such as websites, promotional materials, letters, ads or newspaper articles may be used to promote your Corporate Platypus Circle benefits for use in securing clients, members or good will.

By becoming a Platypus Circle Corporate member, I agree to abide by the Corporate Promotion & Communication Policy. This policy may change from time-to-time.

Non-compliance with this policy could result in a discontinuation of your membership.

Approved 6/10/16