Bring Science to Life for Your Students

Did you know you can register your class for a school program at the Zoo or right at your school? Our programs are designed to engage children and may even include a live animal or the opportunity to observe animal biofacts like skulls, horns, and more! These enriching experiences sharpen students’ sensory and observational skills while aligning with grade level science standards.

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Expand Your Science Curriculum

All of our programs are in line with key educational standards to help empower teachers to complement and expand their existing curriculum with engaging and meaningful science content. Our programs are perfect for teachers looking for unique and effective ways to relate Life Science, Physical Science or other science standards to real-life situations using tailored, educational content specially designed by the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. Our educators proactively create curricula to meet State of Wisconsin and Next Generation Science Standards.

We are no longer taking school program bookings for this spring. If you are interested in booking a school program for the 2024-2025 school year, please complete this inquiry form. We will contact you to book your program starting in August. Limited scholarships are available to reduce program fees. Mark your interest on the form and we will contact you.

Get Students Engaged

Get Students Engaged at the Zoo, at Your School, or in Your Community!

ZSM Programs at the Zoo

Interested in booking a field trip to the Zoo? Make it the best experience possible for your students by adding a school program to your visit. Our engaging, hands-on programs are available for grades K3 through high school, and are specially designed to enhance your zoo visit with exciting opportunities for wildlife and conservation learning experiences. ZSM school programs are age-appropriate and help strengthen your science curriculum while adding value to your field trip experience.

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Bring a ZSM Program to Your School

If you can’t come to the Zoo for a field trip, the Zoological Society can come to you! We offer fantastic fun, interactive, standards-based programming through a variety of K3-8 experiences. Our educators will make sure you and your students make a connection to conservation and wildlife themes.

Our educational offerings also come in the form of interactive and entertaining theater performances. Our very own Kohl’s Wild Theater performs plays and musicals related to animals and conservation. Schools within a 60-mile radius of the Zoo can request an on-site performance.

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Join ZSM in the Community

We aim to serve our entire community, welcoming all people, through numerous opportunities for engagement with our conservation education programs. You can bring education to life with a Kohl’s Wild Theater performance at your community organization, or you can attend a hosted performance near you. You can also support our awesome educational program partnerships with local schools and nonprofit organizations.

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