Sponsor an Animal

Become a Sole Animal Sponsor

Would you like to sponsor just one special animal at the Milwaukee County Zoo? Most animals available for sponsorship through the Zoological Society’s Sponsor an Animal program have several sponsors. The animals listed below, however, are available for sponsorship by just one person or group. These animals can be sponsored by an individual or a family. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these animals, please call (414) 258-2333, ext. 201, for more information.

Western lowland gorilla, Ngajji

Black Rhinoceros, Mimi

$500 Level

African Spurred Tortoise, Fluffy
Alpaca, Phoenix
Chinese Alligator, Yang
Goeldi’s Monkey, Diego
Golden Lion Tamarin, Dot
Green Tree Python, J-Lo
Moholi Bushbaby, JJ
Impala, Doruba
Moose, Bella
Siamang, Zachary

$1,000 Level

Cheetah, Kira
Fennec Fox, Duke
Gentoo Penguin, Marvin
Grizzly Bear, Chinook
Mandrill, Princess
Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo, Kokoda
Moose, Finnegan
Red River Hog, Mango
Red Ruffed Lemur, Oscar
Spider Monkey, Chimaltenango
Straw-colored Fruit Bat, Luna
Western Lowland Gorilla, Naku

$2,500 Level

Damara Zebra, Kelly
Orangutan, Thomas O
Reticulated Giraffe, Rahna
Western Lowland Gorilla, Maji Maji

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