This summer, camping is more popular than ever. Sites booked up fast, and people are eager to set up their tents and roast some marshmallows. Most years, the Zoological Society invites guests to Snooze at the Zoo, but this year we invite you to Snooze FOR the Zoo. Whether you camp at a campground, in your backyard or under a blanket in the living room, we want you to take a piece of the Zoo with you.

Snooze FOR the Zoo, sponsored by Post Consumer Brands and Sentry Foods, is a unique opportunity to help the Zoological Society of Milwaukee while enjoying some of the best parts about camping. From now until June 16, anyone can purchase a Snooze bag that will include:

  • A commemorative T-shirt
  • Post cereal snacks
  • Campfire S’More Pops
  • Racine Danish Kringle
  • Wildlife and conservation activities sponsored by Educators Credit Union
  • Fun Wisconsin animal facts
  • And more!

Zoo Pass members get a discounted rate of $15 a person or $50 for a family of four. Non-members can purchase a bag for $20 a person or $70 for a family of four. Packages can be picked up at the Zoo June 23-25. The Zoological Society is a nonprofit organization that relies on events like this to fulfil its mission. For more details, discount opportunities and to register go to


About the Zoological Society of Milwaukee

The mission of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee is to conserve wildlife and endangered species, educate people about the importance of wildlife and the environment, and support the Milwaukee County Zoo.

For more information, call:
Katie Krecklow, (414) 258 – 2333 ext. 222