This Giving Tuesday, we need your help to protect wild animals like jaguars and tapirs and secure their future.

Pat the cat was a wild jaguar in Belize and faced adversity after being suspected of killing cattle on farms. Rescued and rehabilitated by the Belize Zoo through their Human Jaguar Conflict Rehab Program, Pat found a new home at the Milwaukee County Zoo, where he thrived beyond expectations. Pat enjoyed the company of his mate Stella, often seen grooming and coexisting peacefully in their shared habitat—a rarity for jaguars, known for their solitary nature. His sweet nature endeared him to many, making him truly special to a lot of people and his zookeepers. During his time in Milwaukee, Pat fathered two litters of cubs, contributing to the genetic diversity of a fragile population.

Pat’s remarkable journey inspired the creation of Pat Gives Back, a program dedicated to supporting wild jaguars, other animals and the humans caring for them.

On-the-ground conservation efforts are now top of mind at the only zoo in Belize. Pat Gives Back directly supports conservation and research efforts, leading to fewer jaguar attacks, improved veterinary care and a better understanding of animal well-being and behavior.

Donors like you help us to:

  • Save jaguars and other wild animals in Belize
  • Lead more conservation efforts in Belize to help humans and jaguars safely co-exist
  • Train local keepers in Belize based on the best practices conducted at the Milwaukee County Zoo

One of Pat’s cubs, Frankie, still calls Milwaukee home. The Milwaukee County Zoo aims to continue this valuable genetic line by bringing in a female to give Frankie the opportunity to have his own litter.

Pat'S Cub Frankie
Pat’s cub Frankie

Any gift, whether $5 or $50, makes a roaring difference today! Donate today, and thanks to the Miller Brewing Company, a portion of your contribution will be matched. Your help is essential in sustaining the Pat Gives Back program, protecting animals that can’t always protect themselves. Thank you for your support!

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