The winter blues are just around the corner and the fun of summer seems like a distant memory, but Zoo Classes are here to help liven up your spring. Beginning in January and continuing through May, the Zoological Society is offering an array of classes for children ages infant to 14, as well as adults. Offering fun and hands-on opportunities, these programs create an educational experience unique to the Zoo. Registration for spring began Nov. 9 for Zoo Pass members and will open Nov. 16 for the general public.

Most classes are only a few hours long and available on the weekends too, meaning they can fit into any family’s busy schedule. Educators incorporate games, crafts and tours of different habitats. Subjects this coming spring include learning what it takes to be a veterinarian. Or, learn about seals and sea lions when kids create a sea lion costume and pretend to hunt for fish before watching the real animals in action.

Spring Break Options: Many local children have Spring Break at the end of March and the start of April. We want to offer three-day camps for children ages 6-9. Not only is it a great time for the kids, but parents also have less to worry about during those weeks.

Deditos, Trompita Y Lengüitas: The Zoological Society is offering a stroller safari class entirely in Spanish! These classes are available on April 1, 15, and 16.

Spring Zoo classes range in price from $20 to $55. The Spring break week includes three full days and starts at $200. For a look at all the available classes or to book one, go to