Milwaukee cultural institutions create a one-stop-shop for information.

MILWAUKEE, WI – Field trips are a special ingredient in a teacher’s curriculum. With the current health crisis and many schools turning to virtual learning, five of Milwaukee’s cultural institutions are teaming up to offer educators a one-stop-shop for virtual education field trips and learning opportunities. By visiting, educators will see what the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, Discovery World, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Zoological Society of Milwaukee are offering virtually.

These five institutions offer educational experiences that are unique to Milwaukee. The pandemic has changed the way they offer information and experiences for schools. This new site makes it easier for educators to read about and connect to virtual options that will help spark a student’s curiosity and enhance the learning experience.

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum offers programs for grades K4-8 that include hands-on, kit-based workshops led by Museum educators and global instructors in real time, free meetups for educators implementing STEAM learning, and Daily Discoveries videos that inspire children to explore the arts, nature and science.

Discovery World offers programs for grades K5-8 including virtual tours of popular exhibits, activity kits and virtual lab experiences led by an educator.

Milwaukee Art Museum offers programs for grades K4-12 and includes a virtual tour of diverse works of art, free teaching resources and Kohl’s Art Studio that allows the classroom to participate in creative art experiences.

Milwaukee Public Museum has programs adaptable for grades K4-12 and includes live virtual programs involving dinosaurs, habitats and biodiversity of Wisconsin, butterflies or a live virtual stargazing show from the planetarium.

Zoological Society of Milwaukee offers standards-based programs for grades K3-8 and includes interactive, live, themed classes about science, biology and conservation. Add on features include Q&A with an educator or preset activities that reinforce learning objectives.