Local Gifts That Give Back

Gifts through the Zoological Society are not only enjoyable for people of all ages, these gifts help a local nonprofit. The Zoological Society is a nonprofit organization with a mission [...]

December 30, 2020|In The News|

Virtual Field Trip Portal

Milwaukee cultural institutions create a one-stop-shop for information. MILWAUKEE, WI – Field trips are a special ingredient in a teacher’s curriculum. With the current health crisis and many schools turning [...]

September 30, 2020|In The News|

It’s A WILD World

A virtual fundraising event for the Zoological Society. Animals, an auction, music and more! Due to this year’s health crisis, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee had to cancel almost all [...]

September 30, 2020|In The News|

Help Sponsor the Animals

For anyone looking for some cute relief from current events, the Zoological Society has new animal sponsorships available. Right now, people can sponsor Stitch the porcupine, Stella the jaguar and [...]

April 30, 2020|In The News|