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Now through Sep 7
Sep 12 & 13
Sep 15
Platypus Circle Annual Recognition Dinner
Sep 19
Elephant Appreciation Day
Oct 16 & 17
Boo at the Zoo
Oct 17
Wolf Awareness Day
Oct 22
Oct 23 & 24
Halloween Spooktacular
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SPECIAL NOTE: Bluemound Road is now open eastbound and westbound from 95th to 97th Street. Wisconsin Avenue is now closed long term in both directions from 95th to 97th Street.

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation has made a donation to the Zoo to add new snow leopards to its collection.

With its hills, winding paths and beautiful setting, the Milwaukee County Zoo is a great place to ride your bike. Register now and join us on Sept. 13 for the Zoological Society of Milwaukee's annual bike ride fundraiser.

Support our 2014-15 appeal to help update the red panda habitat to better protect our red panda and enhance its environment.

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